Auto Importing Videos

A lot of videos are posted to this site that do not match the kind of content I want on this site. That’s because I have been using a plugin to auto import videos. I want to make clear that if you have ever came onto this site wondering why something not related to Alexis Texas is on this site, it’s because although I have the search term set to Alexis Texas for the auto importer, it also imports a lot of other junk. Therefore, I am ending the auto importing of videos.


If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you are an Alexis Texas fan. Being it has taken time and effort to put this site together, and will take more time and effort to update this site, and this is a free site, I ask that you support this site by being sure to use the links on this site to join the pay sites that this site links to, as they are affiliate links that enable me to get credit for referring customers. SO PLEASE USE MY AFFILIATE LINKS ON THIS SITE!